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Reading To Write.

Creativity comes from a weird place. I spend a lot of timing writing the first lines to things, or brief ideas that never really materialize into anything substantial. That's been the biggest blocker in writing any fiction in the last few years, and it's been over a decade since I finished any fiction at all. I have a few furtive attempts at novels, and paragraphs here and there.

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Style Versus Story In Modern Prose

There's a famous quote about Jack Kerouac attributed to Truman Capote, "That's not writing, that's typing." (It's a bit of a mis-attribution, as he was criticizing all of the Beats, not just Kerouac.) Kerouac was a guy who infused far more poetry into his prose than story, which he drew largely from his own life. His first published book, The Town and the City, has all the autobiographical elements— it is missing the prose style that defined him as a writer. 

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Getting Into Flow

Flow When writing there are two modes. One is the hard way—where each sentence comes with a hurculean effort, choosing each word with careful review of your own thoughts. The second, when you're able to just spit things onto the screen in an almost publishable state. I am less good at this than I would like to imagine, as many of the people who caught glaring typos in my writing can attest. However, these flow states are when writing feels the best. The words just come and it doesn't feel like you're hammering your own brain.

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