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Batman Vs. Superman: I Kept Trying To Hit X

Batman versus Superman is not the worst movie ever made, it's probably not even the worst movie that will come out this year. (Adam Sandler has to be working on something right?) What is palatable in the criticism is that Bat v Sups is guilty of just being a big action set piece that happens to have Superheroes.

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Adventures of Mana Is An Action-RPG Classic

Updating classic games to the modern era is tricky: update too much and the game alienates nostalgic players, and change too little and the game won't be accessible to modern audience. Adventures of Mana is a remake of the game released as Final Fantasy Adventure , but was the first title in the Mana series. (This is a completely different remake from the Sword of Mana remake on Game Boy Advance.)

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Get Serious About RSS With Fiery Feeds

One of the reasons that I use the iPad as my main device, is that's where I do that majority of my news reading. I use Reeder with Feedly, which has been my set up for the last few years, though I always try new RSS readers as they come along. Fiery Feeds promises to be the RSS reader for power users, and I'm pretty sure I fit the bill there.

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