VR Is (Probably) Bullshit

There is a lot of bad predictions in the history of tech, and I'm willing to add this one to the pile. Like 3D TV, VR is overhyped and lacks the mainstream appeal to be anything more than a niche.

3D was tech driven by the TV industry looking for something to continue the huge boom in sales driven by the digital cutover and the proliferation of LCD/LED TV's in the market. 3D was the next big thing for a few CES' in a row until curved displays became the next next big thing.

VR manages to find two industries in need of a "revolution" to drive new demand. I'm not going to get into the numbers, but people are holding on to aging machines, even some gamers. This is because for a good chunk of popular games, there isn't an overwhelming need to get a massively over speced machine. Until you introduce a VR helmet that requires 90 FPS from your video card. (That's for the Oculus, other VR may have less demanding specs.)

Video Games aren't in trouble per se. However, the industry is saturated with yearly franchises that refresh annually. VR represents a way to make all that's old new again, and this franchise merry go round can keep some of these franchises around long past the expiration date.

Somewhere in all of this is the reason that Facebook bought Oculus Rift, and it isn't video games. They claim that it's social VR, but I think that's a bigger pipE dream. You look like a dingus with the helmets on, it's likely a lot of people that got headaches and nausea from 3D are going to get more of the same from VR.

Finally before you try and defend this by saying that Sony is bought in, I want you to remember their [3D monitor for the PlayStation 3].

Mike M

Mike M

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