You Gotta Diversify Your Voice

I have been writing pseudo-professionally for around 10 years now. I started my writing career right after I went back to college, writing video game reviews for the now defunct Digital Entertainment News. (Shout-out to Dan's new blog. I tried my hand at the content mill game with the Examiner.(No link for you.) For the last three years or so, I settled into writing game and app reviews for Macgasm. I also did a few posts for my friend Mark at Zwolanerd, who I'm hoping to poke into writing more with this mention.

I have toyed with the idea of having my own site in the intervening years, but haven't been able to make anything stick. Which is why when Typed did their Indiegogo campaign last year, I figured that I would throw my hat in. Rather than a free Tumblr or Blogger account that I'd let languish, I paid to have this site. In anticipation of the site going live, I've been prewriting a lot of content. I even paid for a domain. (I still procrastinated a bunch, the original draft of this post was written over a month ago.)

Then I could pepper in day to day posts amongst longer content that I create. My big reason for starting this site is that while I write a lot on Macgasm, there's a lot that I am interested in that doesn't fall under its banner. Some of that being my rather boisterous opinions on things and other topics outside of tech.

I have a voice on Twitter and Facebook, but neither is a good platform for fleshing out ideas and exploring them. So this is a place to explore my voice as a writer more than anything else, and see what kind of topics I can write about without constraint. I've also got some ideas for musical explorations, as well as some ways to force myself to read more books. So I should have at least one thing here every day. In case you didn't get the title reference, here's a video.

Mike M

Mike M

I have written various kind of reviews for years. I currently write for Make Use Of. I used to write for Digital Entertainment News, Macgasm, and the Examiner. My day job is as an IT monkey. Follow me on Twitter.