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So this blog has definitely suffered a bit since I started writing for Make Use Of, dropping back to a monthly post at best. Since I like to make sure that I at least keep that alive, I'm squeaking under the wire before the end of the month.

As NPR transitions from community sponsored Radio to advertising and donation based podcasting network, they have decided to encourage people to listen to more podcasts. There is probably a rant about how NPR has consistently tried to co-op podcasting in general and take the reigns, but I actually like this idea.

So here are a few podcasts you should be listening to broken down by genre:

Music: There's a lot to choose from here, as my tastes vary enough that I have a big list of music podcasts. I still recommend I Die You Die's We Have A Technical, but I wrote about that for Zwolanerd a couple of years ago. So I think I'll point to the wonderfully odd collection of Punk Rock coming out of Sherwood Forest in the UK, Punky Radio.

The music is from around the world, and from ancient bands on compilation re-releases to brand new bands from Phoenix, AZ with nothing more than a couple of MP3's on a Bandcamp page. There are different genres, ranging from Ska to Hardcore. Check out the latest episode here.

History: I shouldn't have to tell you to listen to Hardcore History. Each series is a long audiobook series, doing a deep dive on a topic. Grab it, but you're going to need set aside a bunch of time.

Since that is about as obvious as telling a nascent sci-fi fan to watch Star Wars, I'll recommend another history podcast I like. History On Fire is hosted by Daniele Bolelli and like Hardcore History does long-form explorations of history. Where it differs is that Bolelli goes more for the big personalities and a narrative approach. He'll give you context; it's a bit less dry than Carlin's approach. Check out the available episodes here.

Comedy: Okay, if there is a genre that has been mined to death for podcasts it's Comedy. However, Dana Gould's podcast is one I don't see many people talking about often. The former Simpson's writer only puts out a show every month or so, sometimes less. Every single one of the episodes works around a theme with swapping interview discussions around it. Throw in a couple of reoccurring bits, and you have a really fun show. Check out the episodes here.

Image Credit: Federico Ettlin via Flickr

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