The Trump and The Hare

Seeing all the premature gloating out there in social media land here is a prediction of how this all goes down in a month. Democrats feel they have this locked up surpassing their turnout. (Remember 2004?) This makes the election demographics look much closer to a midterm, where Republicans have handily dominated for years. This might even end up with Republicans getting a filibuster-proof majority.

Trump being Trump, and following other little despots from history, turns on his party, purging all of the ideological undesirables that turned on him in public. Ryan, Rubio, and Cruz are frozen out of the Congress or staging an open war against the protectionism, Trump's tax plans which are projected to exponentially grow the deficit, and his promises to default on the foreign debts. Trump's populism will likely win out, even in the latter scenario.

The GOP ideological war will be over, and the Democrats will spend the next two years sniping over Bernie and Wasserman-Schultz and have no unified opposition to Trump or his policies. I seriously doubt without the White House they'll be in any shape to mount a response in two years, and their four-year bench looks fairly light. Cory Booker is one of the few rising stars in the party I can even think of running anytime soon.

Defaulting on the debt, joining the Russia-China side of the foreign affairs from, and an aggressive retreat from global trade will fundamentally change what the US looks like at home and abroad. I'm not too sure what it looks like in four years, let alone what these types of policies look like a decade or more out. The change in economic stature alone is going to be a lot of the country to deal with, and will more than likely be disastrous.

There is an additional chance that Trump just decides that he'd rather be on TV all day, and the party insiders do all of the work behind the scenes to repair party unity. Pence runs the country, enacting a policy plan similar to what he's done in Indiana. Though that depends on an egomaniac giving up the power, which is a bit far fetched. It is, however, preferable to a nation with a ruined credit rating, a budget deficit in the billions, and a foreign policy that has us sitting shotgun with Putin.

So if either of these scenarios sounds even remotely horrifying to you, stop gloating like it's the day after election day. If it sounds horrible to you and the idea of voting for Hillary comes a close second you can always sign up with Johnson in the attempt to ensure that neither candidate has the 270 electoral votes.

Mike M

Mike M

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