The Internet Is A Foreign Market

What I think is most interesting about the rise of social media is that people are surprised when large corporations aren't their friends. Digital Trends has a report that a study found that most communications on social media by large companies is one way. They aren't dealing with complaints in the way people would expect. But why would they?

Social Media was never the natural environment for a giant corporation who has a trained army of PR and Marketing professionals, who have clear messaging and a controlled plan for how and when they deal with customers. The idea that customer service should take place in public is anathema to their culture.

The businesses that thrive on social media are those that grew up on the Internet. Not the big tech companies, but webcomics, podcasts, and other community driven sites. These places already had forums and comment sections where they interacted in real time with their fans/customers. These are small companies whose humanity is central to their appeal.

I don't blame big companies for eschewing social media, their initial entry was reliant on consultant from the valley who insisted they needed to be there before the competition moved in. The Internet is a foreign market like any other. You better speak the language before you move in.

Mike M

Mike M

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