The House always wins.

Facebook is the house. Like a Casino, most people are just on Facebook for a bit of fun. They just want to catch a show and spend a few hours playing slots or a blackjack. Like the Casinos, Facebook is attracting compulsive gamblers that can't quit when they are ahead. Not your friend that's compulsively oversharing selfies. No, all of the media companies that lined up to hand their content over to Facebook are the degenerates.

They are all sitting around the table holding out for the promise of redelivering lost audiences. Those audiences are long gone, spread out amongst the myriad of media sources on the Internet. Facebook held the promise that the audience was already there, why wouldn't they want to click through to your article. Just hand us your articles, buy some ads, and the money is going to roll right in.

Of course, that never happened. The focus on news scared away the vacation posters, and they're just as vital to the company. So news was out, and posts from your friends were back. The media companies didn't have much to show for it. Facebook funneled them to the next high roller table, explaining that Facebook Live is going to be how we all consume the news in the future. The media looks into their nearly empty wallet and hand over what's left. Even if Facebook Live becomes how we all get our news, Facebook still wins. They keep the audience, and the content is just another offering. The house always wins.

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Mike M

Mike M

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