Tales Of A Conference Room

Somewhere there is a conference room. The urns of coffee have long since grown cold, and the margins of everyone’s notebooks are covered in doodles. On the white board there is a single word: millenials. The word is underlined several times.

The rest of the white board is covered in a range of Internet brands, the word selfie, emojis, and random bands that were popular ten years ago. Most of the words are crossed out, but below that in all caps is written: “SMART PHONES”

It’s written with the childish exuberance brought on by a good idea. The room now vacant is the evidence of a report that AMC produced that said millenials cannot sit through a movie without their phone. This sort of condescending idea is the same marketing idiocy that created OK Soda.

The conference room is now empty, but within it lies the place where millenials crossed a line. Now a powerful enough set of consumers to be pandered to, they still lack the power and experience to push back against broad stereotypes.

That is unless AMC wanted cover for creating a safe space for assholes. Which is just as likely, really.

Image Credit Karolina Van Schrojenstein Lantman-Orlinska via Flickr

Mike M

Mike M

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