Tabula Rasa Branding

I think that you can say that we’re all looking for something interesting to say about ourselves. Some label that works as a definition in conversational shorthand. I’m into this music, this TV show, these movies. All of these work as a way we can find what we have in common with people and find out whether we will like them or not. Creating this identity might be the biggest masterpiece of modern Apple marketing. Not because specific kinds of people use Apple products. The days of the cult are long gone.

Instead, so many different kinds of people use Apple products. It might be the one thing that Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh can agree upon.

The creative thinkers might be the one audience holding on from the “Think Different” days of Apple branding. You still see a lot of creative professionals heading towards the Mac. There was also the stop off at “Unix For The Masses.” That attracted a lot of geeks as well, command line warriors. The people that became Apple’s indie development community, which is what keeps me using Mac and iOS.

However, I think that there’s a newer streak of brand built into modern Apple. It finds its roots in the iPod silhouettes. It’s a bit college lit, but it’s quite telling Apple’s appeal to cool was faceless and formless. The iPods had to transcend the decades of musical brand identity and sell to everyone. Cool indie artists sold skeptical hipsters on pocket computers replacing backpacks full of CDs.

Even the latest iPhone commercials show a wide array of people, doing cool things with their products. Apple has become a brand that allows you to insert your identity, and they’ll help you express it fully. That’s how you can get the girl running around with “Fuck Capitalism” on the back of her phone and the Kardashians to shop at the same store

Mike M

Mike M

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