Staying One Step Ahead Of The Cursor

The flashing cursor can be the least useful thing in creativity. I’ve started and stopped a couple of different articles that didn’t feel like they were fleshed out enough to finish. However, I’ve got a streak going here and I’m not losing it.

I think that we can easily sign off on creative blocks as a failure. However trying to explore why your blocked can yield some interesting results. I had a couple of ideas tonight: a keyboard review, an exploration of critical thinking, and some exploration about RPG design as a marker of console eras.

I may review a few of those later on, though I may wait to talk about critical thinking until every example isn’t about the elections. All of those ideas are going to take more than just sitting in front of a cursor and just making the clackity clack.

We live in an era of unprecedented content generation. We’re growing our information exponentially, though there are some concerns that we may lose all this information. Our society still bears the scars of the Dark Ages, and we’re worried our civilization will be lost to the vandals.

Dan Carlin once described how people were literally living in the ruins of Rome’s civilization. There was all this evidence about how great things had been, and now it was all out of reach. I can see why those scars resonate through time.

There’s a lot to unpack about our era of creativity, and the economics it’s creating for the entertainment industry. Disruption via technology is everywhere, and it leaves a lot of people with nothing but a blinking cursor. What makes humans interesting is the way we adapt to the blocks and create something new.

Mike M

Mike M

I have written various kind of reviews for years. I currently write for Make Use Of. I used to write for Digital Entertainment News, Macgasm, and the Examiner. My day job is as an IT monkey. Follow me on Twitter.