Random Toughts

Okay this whole writing thing refuses to happen today, not without far too much work for the amount of time I want to be awake. There's three or four posts of things to unload here, which should at least ensure I only have three missed posts for the whole month, not too bad considering how crazy things have been with work.

I am not going to speak too soon, but this seems to be sticking. Woo hoo, I'm living the dream of 2005.

I kid. Well, somewhat.

I do think that I want to try putting more links and other content that isn't just short essays. I find a lot of weird crap, and I'd like a place to put it that isn't a social media account.

Speaking weird crap, the video at the top is Mishka Shubaly. I found him via the Doug Stanhope podcast. Sad songs about drinking and trashy adventures on the road should be enough of an enticement to anyone reading this.

Mike M

Mike M

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