Quartz Is Conversational News

The simple way to dismiss Quartz is to say that it is a novelty app, as on its surface the app delivers the news as a text conversation. It becomes a great metaphor for how much of a story you want to read. You can get a headline, a bit of detail, or keep going to read the whole story.

You respond with emoji or one word responses as one of two choices to read more of the story or move on. If you come back to the app after clearing the news before another update is loaded, you’ll be offered a trivia question. It’s a nice touch that adds personality to the app.

I like apps that try and present news in different ways. I’m a serious news junkie, with dozens of RSS feeds I subscribe and scan for stories. That approach takes an hour or so a day to go through, and isn’t for everyone. This approach makes the news a lot more casual, and something you can just check in with periodically. Quartz is a free app you can download here.

Mike M

Mike M

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