Pocket Mortys

Rick and Morty is a fun show because it subverts so many different sci-fi templates. That same subversion works in video games with the new Pocket Mortys. This is essentially Pokemon. But instead of a vast array of fantastic creatures, you build an army of Mortys from across the multiverse.

Everything is here: capturing wild Mortys, badges for battling, and an endless grind. If you aren't really into the gameplay of Pokemon games, then you aren't going to be into Pocket Mortys. The Pokemon style of making numbers go up has never really been my thing, I prefer my RPGs with a lot more story.

What I do see is an excellent parody of the formula, that still manages to hit all the beats that make the original game fun. However, if you think that Pokemon is boring, you're not going to like this. No matter how much you like Rick and Morty. This has a narrow needle to thread, but it will be very effective on the overlapping audience.

It's a free to play game, though there isn't a lot of pressure to send money. You will end up spending a lot more time—but through gameplay, not forced wait times. I'd say if you fit in the middle of the Venn Digram of Rick and Morty and Pokemon fans you have nothing to lose checking this out on the App Store. 

Mike M

Mike M

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