Look Back In Boredom

I don't think I am ready for the 90's nostalgia. It's probably a denial of my age, but I stand by it. It isn't that I mind seeing some classic Alternative acts dig themselves out of the bargain bin for a quick tour. What I think is more damaging is that the nostalgia doesn't seem to be ignoring anything.

When all those 60's acts started touring, with most of the original lineup missing, it was going on at the same time that Lollapalooza and MTV were bringing the underground to the suburbs. Sure Nirvana and Green Day were watered down versions of Mudhoney and Screeching Weasel, but they inspired a bunch of people to pick up guitars.

Gangster Rap and House Music were recycling funk through sampling but were doing things all their own. There's an essay to be had about the quality of sampling in the early 90's compared to the era after lawsuits and licensing. It was still something entirely new.

This bout of nostalgia doesn't feel like a generation trying to deny the modern world. It feels like they fit into a culture that hasn't moved on. Digital music and the rise of indie rock in the early aughts was a significant shift, but it feels like mainstream rock hasn't accepted that it's cultural primacy isn't assured.

Hell, Dave Grohl never even stopped.

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Mike M

Mike M

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