Living In The Future

I think most nerds have a conflicted view about living in the supposed future. Sure, we have neat gadgets and even the most modest entertainment setup looks like something out of 2001. However, we were all supposed to be zipping around the universe sipping tea with Vulcans. Hell, at this point most of us would settle for a terraformed moon somewhere in the outer solar system. 

I like a good Cyberpunk dystopia as much as anyone, but I don't want to live in one. I think our society could use a dose of Golden Age optimism. As the first tech billionaires seek to spend their fortunes, a few have decided to try and crack space open for the private sector. Blue Origin and Space X have been working on privatizing orbital flights, and making excellent progress. In fact, Blue Origin just leap-frogged over Space X and demonstrated a rocket that can land after releasing its payload. 

Along with their announcement, Bezos also offered up their own plan for space tourism. Watch the video above it's pretty cool. I don't think that we'll be crewing the Enterprise soon, but it's nice to see that at least crazed billionaires are still thinking about space, even if our government isn't.

Mike M

Mike M

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