Last Minute Attempt At Proving Everything's Fine.

Nothing like remembering that you at least want to update your stupid blog once a month at 10:30 on the last day of said month. I again have been trying to write about politics, but it just turns into repeatedly typing fuck it closing the window.

I assume at this point, that is probably the plan. The media loves getting to cover the election six months into the new Presidency. They get the ratings, and those sweet ad dollars roll right in. Trump continues to be a dumpster fire that keeps people yelling about his tweets while the Republican congressional agenda advances.

If you are watching Congressional politics for the first time and you see the Senate Republicans seem at odds about Health Care, it does not have anything to do with the Democrats. Well, the current set of Democrats.

See the thing that the horse race coverage never explains is that each party is a coalition. The fringes of each party jump up and down the loudest and stamp their feet, but there is a spectrum of interests that make up the Republicans and Democrats. So while a far-right ideologue might not like how the Senate bill does not do much to remove the Government from Health Care, someone closer to the center is going to object to how many people lose their insurance.

This was the same thing that befell Obama's two-year window with a Democratic Congress. When everyone on your side is in charge, there seems to be room to wiggle around and get some concessions.

I still think both parties are due for some realignments. The far left that swelled beneath Bernie is going to be a thorn in anyone who runs in 2020's side. They are going to want more than lip service, and are likely going to be the force behind the primaries in the 2010 Congressional races as well. That is the opposite of the Big Tent approach that didn't seem to do well outside of Democratic strongholds, so what do they have to lose.

The Republicans are going to face similar issues as the Libertarian caucus, and younger Republicans become less enamored with the social issues. Sessions' outspoken to push back against state laws that legalized medical and recreational Marijuana is going to expose a fault in the party that hasn't been tested. Depending on how the midterms, things might get interesting on both sides of the Aisle.

Mike M

Mike M

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