Keyboards and Headphones

I have a ton of keyboards lying around. My preferences have coalesced around Matias' various Mac keyboards, but I have had an array of different mechanical keyboards. I've also got a variety of portable keyboards for the iPad.

I've also got a stupid amount of headphones, wireless headphones for walking outside that allow sound pass through. I've got wired ones I keep in my bag for unplanned time working at the coffeeshop, and another wired pair with noise canceling for my one airline flight a year. Then I've got a spare wireless set that I keep at work.

I can easily argue that these are the most important tools that I have. I listen to podcasts or music as my primary forms of entertainment, and I am usually writing or coding on my computers. Of course I collect a lot of these for the same reason that I used to buy a lot of notebooks and pens, the novelty.

Novelty is a powerful motivator, most of our economy is driven on novelty. I don't condemn novelty outright. The novelty of Vinyl is why I still collect records, and the novelty of print is why I still collect books. Novelty can become a problem, when the novelty of new tools outpace the work we can do with them.

I'm confident more than a few times that I crossed the line into novelty and ran all the way around again. But the novelty drives me to try a bunch of different things. Does it count as distraction when I use novelty as a puppet to lead my short attention span toward something useful?

Mike M

Mike M

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