Batman Vs. Superman: I Kept Trying To Hit X

Batman versus Superman is not the worst movie ever made, it's probably not even the worst movie that will come out this year. (Adam Sandler has to be working on something right?) What is palatable in the criticism is that Bat v Sups is guilty of just being a big action set piece that happens to have Superheroes.

Even judging by that criteria the movie doesn’t do well. Zack Snyder doesn’t handle the action well. Since 300 Snyder’s trademark has been the slo-mo build up to a big hit. That tag is still present in almost every big set piece of the movie, but much of the action is blurred filler between the big hits.

I actually think Snyder should get a job directing action in games. Much of the look of this movie is influenced by games like God of War. Much of Batman’s solo action looks exactly like the Arkham game series, right down to the visceral finishing moves. All you need is the button mashing to work through the boring kicks and punches until Batman can use his grappling hook to throw a crate.

This movie even has a final boss and a side quest to get the weapon needed to slay him. The story would still be a complete and total mess, but at least the action would be more visceral in a video game.

Mike M

Mike M

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