Herbie Never Snitched

When everything is connected to the internet, ethical concerns can get a little odd. Rest assured, this is not another think piece about your self-driving car killing you to save a pedestrian. Instead, I want to look at what happens when your car rats you out to the cops.

On the one hand, we want a safer society. These types of actions can save lives and hit and runs are pretty scummy. I think that it is easy to say these are an ethical use of the tech. However, we’ve got behavior modeling, commute data, and a host of data that could easily model when something wrong has happened.

I think that we could easily pontificate about absolute electronic freedom, and we should be the ones that choose when our devices contact the police. You could just as easily argue that we have a debt to the public good to use this data to protect people. This is an evolving conversation, the real problem is that it isn’t taking place in public. While you can just not buy a car with the accident detection, you often have no idea what’s being done with your data.

Even if the companies you deal with now are good stewards, they’re building advanced profiles of your behaviors. You deserve to be a part of the conversation on how that gets used.

Mike M

Mike M

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