Get Serious About RSS With Fiery Feeds

One of the reasons that I use the iPad as my main device, is that's where I do that majority of my news reading. I use Reeder with Feedly, which has been my set up for the last few years, though I always try new RSS readers as they come along. Fiery Feeds promises to be the RSS reader for power users, and I'm pretty sure I fit the bill there.

Though Fiery has good gesture support, it doesn't do anything I wasn't already doing with Reeder. What sets Fiery apart is its keyboard shortcuts. Most Mac RSS readers use the old Google Reader shortcuts, which are derived from GMail. Fiery Feeds has its own set of keyboard shortcuts, at least according to the documentation. I have a mechanical keyboard I use with my iPad that doesn't have any arrow keys, and I was quite happy to find that Cmd+J and Cmd+K both work to navigate. The Cmd key is a bit of a muscle memory change, but I was glad to still be able to use the keyboard.

There aren't too many other features that stand out. As I said, the gestures are as capable as Reeder or Unread. The design is really pleasant, I'd it it somewhere between Reeder and Unread in terms of look. It did take a bit of getting used to for the list of articles to be on the right, but it does give the app a unique look. The in-app share sheet has a nice layout, though if you prefer you can use the system share sheet. There's no in-app subscription management, which is a bit of a pain.

There's an abundance of RSS services offered: Feedly, Feedbin, and Newsblur are all included. There's more beyond that, including Tiny RSS and Fever for self-hosted options. Like Reeder you can add your Instapaper and have a single app for new items and articles you've saved for later. I did run into some weird errors when syncing Instapaper, but that may be because of the size of my queue.

The audience for this app iPad users with keyboards paired most of the time, and don't need custom actions like Mr Reader. I'm going to hang on to this for awhile, as I do like the keyboard shortcuts. I've switched away from Reeder in the past, but I usually switch back. Fiery Feeds is intriguing enough to at least live beyond the review period. You can grab Fiery Feeds on the App Store for $3.99.

Mike M

Mike M

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