Game Review: Transistor (Apple TV)

Transistor is a game I have been interested in since it came out. I grabbed it on the Mac and the iPad. Just due to the schedule of reviewing games and Apps it's been one that I was never able to finish. I was happy to see the game on the list of games for the Apple TV. Since I had the iOS game, it was a free download.

You play Red, a signer whose voice was stolen. She is fighting against an army of robots called the process. As you play you'll find out about the city of Cloudbank. Controlled by a cabal called the Camerata, the city is a futuristic paradise. Citizens can vote on the weather, but don't have much freedom. The story is a cyberpunk noir, complete with a voice over.

I will say that this is the game that convinced me that I needed a controller for the Apple TV. You can play on the Siri remote, but the track pad isn't the most precise way to play this game. You can, but I think that you'll need a steady hand when aiming some of the moves. Once I got the Steel Series controller, the game was a lot better. If you have steadier hands, you may get a better result from the remote than I did. However, this game showed me in most cases the controller is going to be a good way to go.

Like I said, if you own this on iPhone/iPad, you can download this on the Apple TV for free. If not, you can pick it up from the App Store for $4.99.

Mike M

Mike M

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