Game Review— Star Trek: Timelines

Star Trek: Timelines is an RPG for people who have argued about which iteration of Trek could beat the other in a fight. It’s an interesting take on fan service, but for the most part it’s a novelty.

The premise is an inventive way to ensure that you get every flavor of Trek. Q taps you—a nameless, faceless, captain of a no-name ship—to help deal with a crisis of time and dimension. All the eras and timelines of the various Trek shows are appearing all over.

The problem is that none of this is particularly well written. If the sheer appearance of Sisko, Janeway, or Picard can get you excited, it might pass. Otherwise the whole game is poorly written scenarios that take place over static art. The space battles are animations. You don’t control your ship, other than activating bonuses. The away missions are text choices and smaller static art.

I gave this game a week to get interesting. There's a lot going on, including lots of free to play madness. You get daily bonuses, all in the game's three or four currencies. You buy characters and equipment, and can always get even more with actual money. This game funnels you toward the store as much as possible, but it never really justifies the need. You can play a good chunk of this game without ever caring about the free to play, but the honest you can play it without caring. This is definitely one you can skip, but if you insist on trying grab it here for free.

Mike M

Mike M

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