Game Review: Downwell

Downwell is what happens when Jetpack Joyride and Metroid get tossed together in a blender. The game is black and white with the enemies and gems in red. This is an interesting aesthetic, though the art style is even more simplistic than pixel art. I like it, but I can see how some people may be averse to this art style.

The game has a simple concept, you jump down the well and collect gems. You shoot downward as you fall, killing enemies and harvesting jewels. You can also jump onto some enemies heads, though you have to be careful as some will hurt you. Each stage you complete unlocks a new power-up that alters the gameplay. You'll also find caverns along the side of levels that have gun power-ups and shops. Shops will have healing and charge items. The gun power-ups are a lot of fun, and remind me of chasing power-ups in Contra.

This is a fun game that has the right mix of retro platforming and arcade twitch shooting. The aesthetic may not be for everyone, but I think you should at least give the game a try. If you're not keen on pixelated games, check out the screen shots. You can get Downwell for the iPad and iPhone for $2.99

Mike M

Mike M

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