Finding The Habit

I failed at both Nablpomo and Nanowrimo, though I came a lot closer on the blogging end of things. Probably because I tried doing this weird riff on On the Road as a sci-fi novel. I think that I’ll go back to the idea, as an exercise if nothing else. Blogging, I managed to get a decent streak for around ten days or so.

What I did accomplish was making this site a habit. I’ve moved my app and game reviews here, as my professional blogging is in exile. I want to make sure that I don’t turn this into just reviews, as I think that it’s important to write outside of that voice.

I have some plans to formalize the schedule here, making it even easier to keep posting. I’m thinking of keeping the reviews to one or two days a week, unless I have some cool new hardware. I want to write about music more, as it’s something I haven’t done in a long time. I’ve been listening to a lot more music podcasts and finding new bands I like. I’m still trying to find a nice rhythm, but while I do, I’m just trying to keep the habit.

Habits, in general, are hard to build. I’ve been working on my coding at night as well, just doing exercises and classes I find online. I’ve got some basic skills from college, and I’m pretty decent at scripting. However, I’m looking to build an app that help people do some basic automation on the computer regardless of platform. So I’ve been trying to go through one or two lessons a day.

I know there’s a ton of apps, etc. to help you build good habits. I find when I use those it becomes even easier to quit, instead the muscle I am trying to flex is just picking it back up the next day after I miss a day. Not trying to force myself to do twice as much to make up for it, but just doing it again and trying to get another run going. Another week, another day, just keep trying to do the work.

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Mike M

Mike M

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