Day One Brings Huge Update To iOS Journaling

When you think of the changes that drive software, often they are big flashy changes. Day One isn't pushing anything all that flashy, instead it's been given a lot of functional changes.

For me Day One has been an aspirational app. I really have been pushing myself to journal more, and just write outside of blogging and app reviews. So my overall number of entries is probably a lot less than most people. On the other hand, I have heard lots of different uses for Day One. Some people use it as a travelogue, others as a professional journal, and there's a lot of features to support both.

In the new version you can keep each of those as a separate journals, letting you keep each as unique set of entries. However, this is invisible unless you want to use it. It's accessible via a drop down menu to switch between them.

The new version does change syncing a bit as well, you'll need to sign up for an account with Day One and use that to sync. Rather than using iCloud, everything is saved on their servers. There is a status screen as well, letting you know the status of the cloud processes. That's a nice touch. You can secure your journal with a passcode and Touch ID, though some of that functionality was in the original version. There is improved support for iPad keyboard shortcuts, as well as an improved layout on the 6S Plus.

The improved UI is a nice touch, though it depends on adding the additional features like location and weather tracking. The Mac app was updated as well, though I didn't spend any time with that update. Importing your existing entries into the new format is fairly easy to do.

There are enough improvements here to justify the upgrade price, and if you grab it now it is only half price. Currently you can grab it for $4.99, it will jump up to $9.99 in a week or so. Grab it on the App Store.

Mike M

Mike M

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