Criticism Is More Than Movie Reviews

I wrote yet another screed here about how national politics is making everyone stupid. It's pointless. Trying to explain that issues are nuanced and we should guide our opinions by evidence and reason isn't going to convince anyone to pull their head out of their asses. The left, the right, and the third party wonks all squawk into an echo chamber that convinces them everyone secretly believes what they do, it's a cabal of media elites that keep the whole world from thinking just like them.

I'm editing it down to this simple idea. Challenge your own assumptions about the world. If you're spending your day sharing the Dank Jill Stein Memes about dogpiled online polls showing that she really has 70%, and the media fix is in, spend a day reading up on how polling works. If you honestly think Hillary is a communist, read about what a planned economy is and what policies define Communism and Socialism. You'll be shocked. And if you think that the hate on Hillary has everything to do with her ovaries, the left and right have both written critiques of her approaches to foreign policy and the Economy.

A lot of the time people will tell you to read Huffington Post or Drudge Report to correct a bias, replacing one argument with another isn't going to make you better at figuring out bullshit. You're just going to spend your time fighting their bullshit with your own. You're better served reading up on Economics and learning about the difference between public and private debt and the pressures each place on growth.

There are philosophies that informed the founding of the United States, and they weren't all uniform. Read about the battles that shaped the founding of the country, and draw parallels in the modern world. Figure out what Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and all the other labels thrown around actually mean.

If you do enough of this, you probably won't move all that far philosophically from where you are now. However, you'll be able to recognize just how much of politics is just team sports writ large. That many of the "strong arguments" people share their beliefs with are devoid of any meaning whatsoever.

Mike M

Mike M

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