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Old School Gear I got another late start on writing for the day, but I have a longer idea to explore tomorrow half mapped out in the notebook. I did start posting some of my first reviews of games and apps for the Apple TV over at Macgasm.

That started getting me thinking about why I still use a lot of Apple stuff. For all of the lip service about how much easier it is to use, that really isn't the main reason I use OS X and iOS. To be honest, they've become just as finicky as any other OS. They're just easier to fix when it all goes sideways. (Software wise, good luck fixing the hardware on your own.)

No, the real reason that I still use Apple stuff is the community of developers. There's a lot of great apps that I don't think that I could find better versions of on any platform. Reeder might be slow to update, but I have never found a better RSS reader . Pixelmator is made by a small shop, and rivals anything Adobe puts out. There's a ton of apps that I used by single developers or small teams that are remarkably polished.

I think that there's a lot to quibble about with the state of Apple's hardware and software. What I can't argue about is the state of the development community. That's what keeps me using my shiny little aluminum toys, and writing about what they create.

Mike M

Mike M

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