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There comes a time in writing about technology/app when you're going to write a post about what to-do list system you use. It's either driven by the state of tech, or the weird, obsessive nature that drives people to write about technology.

I have tried almost every single to-do list app out there. While they all have their merits, they often end up a dumping ground for things I'm putting off. The only consistent solution I found was writing down what I need to do each day on paper.

When I moved to my new job, I tried switching to Todoist. Which I like, and is by far the best organized app I've found. However, it wasn't long before I ended up with a lot of long term items on there. What I decided on was a hybrid approach, using Todoist to manage what projects I am working on, and what things need to be done for each one. Then each day, I take a chunk of those write them down on a scrap piece of paper and work off that for my daily tasks.

The benefit here is that I have a clear set of tasks that I have in front of me for the whole day. I am sure that there is a way to achieve something similar electronically, but I found that the act of writing out your tasks for the day helps give them some actual weight. It's likely a bit of self-delusion, but it gets the job done.

Mike M

Mike M

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