Apple TV Subscription Service MIA

I tend to treat the entire Apple rumor mill as a collective Photoshop induced hallucination. However, this story on Business Insider has a little bit of weight. Most media guys are always leaking something from Apple when they have the chance, so that gives this some substantial credit. Not to mention that there were enough rumors over the last few years, that there had to be something.

The new Apple TV is an impressive little bit of tech, and rounds out your TV as a place where you can get your iOS apps. We were told for years that Apple was poised to revolutionize the medium of television. The $35 dollar bundle, along with the 30% cut both sounds plausibly like Apple as well. CBS boss Lee Moonves seemed eager enough, but doesn't mention what lead Apple to put their TV plans on hold. It's a solid assumption that it was some combination of recalcitrant cable company owned networks, and drawn out arguments about Apple's cut.

What we got instead was iOS for the TV, along with an App Model. This isn't what cord cutters have wanted, as most media apps still require a cable sign in. On the other hand, now anyone can just make an app. (Which they've already been able to do for Roku for quite some time.) Apple seems keen to embrace the app model for television, as seen in their new ad.

I never want to say never about Apple, as the company seems keen to do whatever it wants. For the time being though, we're not going to see if their subscription service would have taken on cable. This is a far more democratic model, and one that is more likely to connect with audiences that never had cable to begin with.

Mike M

Mike M

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