App Review: Touchpress - Classical Music Reimagined

Moving the app model to the television offers some unique opportunities for entertainment that wouldn't normally make it as part of a traditional TV offering. Touchpress is just such an app. The app offers a seven different classical pieces, with a unique take on viewing them.

I will admit that my interest in Classical musical is as a dabbler at best, I know far more movie score composers than classical ones. It is music that operates at a totally different level, it is music operating at a brilliant technical level. That isn't to say that performers lack passion and emotion, but they are arriving at it through a technical means.

Touchpress allows you to get a very personal take on the music. With close ups of the musicians techniques, as well as glimpses of their faces as they play. You can also watch the sheet music advance through song, or even a guitar hero like run through the notes on the piano. For a more complex pieces you might just see which parts of the orchestra are playing.

It's a shame that this app is limited to seven pieces, as its content is cribbed from existing iPhone and iPad apps. However, I think that the TV feels like a better place for this type of content. I wish they had a roadmap for more content.

The interface has some issues. You navigate between the different views using the trackpad on the remote, but that also advances or rewinds the music. It's really frustrating to want to change your view and then lose your place in the music.

This is a free app. As with all tvOS apps, there's no way for me to link it here. Just go to the App Store on your Apple TV and search for Touchpress. If you don’t have the new Appple TV, you can check out the basis for this app on the iPhone/iPad: Vivaldi Four Seasons, $9.99, The Liszt Sonata, $13.99, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Free

Mike M

Mike M

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