An Accidential Elegy

Sorry to have missed yesterday's post. I had a pretty good reason, which I will end up sharing a bit more about in the future. I still have some reviews cached for this week, but Final Fantasy IX takes a lot more work to review than your average mobile game.

I have been trying to write a bit about the difference in music artists, as well as some thoughts about how politics ignores the real world. Both of those are huge topics, and are proving to need a bit more work than these usual posts.

I like keeping these posts up, and I wanted to make sure I didn't miss two days in a row. Most of today has been dedicated to alternately dreading and actually shoveling, one of the great pastimes of Midwestern winters.

I cleaned my bookmarks on my home machines today, and finally removed my various bookmarks dedicated to Macgasm. I would love to say that I was holding on to it out of nostalgia, but I had a sync problem where I got two of everything. However, once I deleted the link to Slack, Ansana, and my one click post bookmarklet, I did feel a twinge of sadness.

It was a good run, and I miss having an excuse for watching every Apple keynote that wasn't me being a hopeless cult member. I am really proud of the work I did there, and the numerous ways that I tried to reinvigorate the content to keep it alive.

I know that not a lot of that community follow me here, but I like writing reviews. I didn't care much for the news churn. What makes me most happy is to have written for the Mac site that swore off rumors.

Mike M

Mike M

I have written various kind of reviews for years. I currently write for Make Use Of. I used to write for Digital Entertainment News, Macgasm, and the Examiner. My day job is as an IT monkey. Follow me on Twitter.